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Ed Tech Skills

  • STEM Curriculum Development

  • AI Workflow Optimization

  • Instructor-led Training (ILT/VILT)

  • Technology Integration

  • Ed Tech Coaching

  • Robotics

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE)

  • Coding & Physical Computing

  • Design Thinking

  • Ed Tech Professional Development

  • Video Editing & Production

  • Audio Editing & Production

  • Graphic Design

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Digital Photography

  • Podcasting

  • Gamification

  • Engineering Design Process

Video Gallery

My career as a technology (STEM) educator has been built on Project Based Learning (PBL). For me personally, the most gratifying experiences have come about through long-term, multidisciplinary collaborations with students and colleagues. This playlist is comprised of some of the projects that have given me great pride and professional satisfaction - from Robotics to Physical Computing to Digital Media Production.

Ippolito EDU Greatest Hits

Ippolito EDU Greatest Hits

Ippolito EDU Greatest Hits
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VIDEO PRODUCTION: 2048: A Rock Opera
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VIDEO PRODUCTION: 2048: A Rock Opera

OTHS BIG RED ROBOTICS: Panasonic Creative Design Challenge 2016
Play Video

OTHS BIG RED ROBOTICS: Panasonic Creative Design Challenge 2016

BBC Micro:bit "Do Your Bit" Challenge 2019-2020
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BBC Micro:bit "Do Your Bit" Challenge 2019-2020

  • Youtube

Visit my Ippolito EDU Youtube channel for even more videos and project details.

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Professional Summary

As a passionate lifelong learner, I'm dedicated to expanding my knowledge and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds in both education and the private sector. My teaching philosophy has centered around inquiry-based, project-based learning (PBL), leveraging a wide range of technologies to create a 21st Century classroom without boundaries. By integrating constructionism, design thinking, and a global perspective, I have aimed to equip students and adult learners alike with the skills they need for success in an interconnected world,

In my classroom and professional development workshops, I have fostered creativity and independence by giving learners the freedom to experiment and learn through hands-on experiences. As a facilitator, I have encouraged them to explore outside their comfort zones, embrace diversity, and develop a global mindset. I firmly believe that meaningful learning occurs when students are empowered to follow their passions and take ownership of their education.

With a strong focus on STEAM education, throughout 16 years I have designed comprehensive curricula that encompass robotics, CAD/3D printing, coding, graphic design, digital media production, and more. Through these disciplines, I have tried to cultivate technological fluency and equip students with marketable skills for the 21st Century job market. It is my personal and professional mission to emphasize the value of STEAM education, project-based learning, and inspire the next generation of innovators.

Let's connect and collaborate to create transformative educational experiences that prepare students for the future while fostering their creativity, critical thinking, and global citizenship.

Certifications & Recognitions

More Testimonials

"Mr. lppolito was able to establish credibility and informal leadership very quickly with his colleagues, as well as with his students. I was particularly impressed with his ability to connect in a professional, friendly, and approachable manner. "

Michael Schneider

General Director, Marian Baker School

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