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Instructional Design Expertise

  • Articulate Rise and Storyline

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Canva

  • Video Editing & Production

  • Audio Editing & Production

  • Copywriting

  • Storytelling

  • Graphic Design

  • Adult Learning Theories

  • ADDIE, SAM, Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Project Management
  • Collaboration with SMEs
  • Storyboarding
  • Microlearning
  • AR/VR


Makey Makey/Joylabz


Collaborate with Subject Matter Expert (SME) to design and deploy a web-based course for product certification. 

This resulted in the development of "Makey Makey 101 - For Absolute Beginners." 

This online course has proven to be so popular with users that a second course - "Makey Makey - Certified Educator" - is currently in development. 

Related Learning

I designed two Project-Based Learning (PBL) lessons for Makey Makey on the DIY site These are designed as extension activities for participants in the "Makey Makey 101 - For Absolute Beginners" web-based course. 

4D Math Alliance


Collaborate with Subject Matter Expert (SME) to design and deploy a web-based course for staff training. 


The short form content below is optimized for mobile delivery and designed to complement the web-based course and to help build a network of educators via social media. (Click video to play/stop)

Aurum Fragrance Training

Coming soon...

Client Testimonials


Colleen Graves

Director of Content, Curriculum & Community
Makey Makey/ JoyLabz

Chris successfully created a story to tie together the movies, photos, and step sets to create a great resource for our users. He was so great at taking feedback and making changes and revisions to bring this course to life. He was really flexible when I changed content ideas and he has superb time management skills. We set a deadline for publishing this course and Chris was able to chunk the course into manageable pieces and meet every deadline with ease.

020623_PamHeadshot_Retouched copy.jpg

Dr. Pam Brett

4D Math Alliance

Originally, Chris joined the 4DMA team to build a web-based e-learning course for our growing mentor team. Within this specific project, Chris took a lead role in working with the course content developer to create an engaging user experience, with embedded video content and interactive assignments in platforms including RISE Articulate, DESMOS, FlipGrid, YouTube and Mathigon. As we built the course, Chris provided valuable feedback on company messaging, which, in turn, expanded to actionable improvements to company marketing and branding.
Chris has taken a critical lead role in the 4DMA marketing including strategy and design for potential funding partners, schools, corporations, and financial foundations, etc. and for social media. In this project, Chris’s attention to the “pain points” of our partners and our clients (math teachers) helped us to craft video content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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